Disposable API Driven Browser Instances.

Using this service you can control web browser instances running in the cloud using a simple set of API requests. Once you've leased a browser you can open and close tabs, dynamically inject JavaScript code, upload files, and even take screenshots. You can also schedule scripts to run on a browser at a specific time or at a set interval.

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Browser Bucket

Browse Bucket makes automating online workflows a cinch for anyone with basic JavaScript skills. Simply request a browser and attach your JavaScript file, which can be hosted locally on the platform or remotely on your own server. Alternatively, if you want the logic portion of your application to run on your own servers, you can manipulate the browser directly through the JSON API using whatever programming language you wish. When your application is finished, simply submit whatever data you want to collect to your own server and release the browser.

Developer Tools


The scheduler allows you to launch a script on a browser in the cloud at a specified time or interval.

Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension allows you to quickly import unique selectors for elements in a web page into a script, and test those scripts on your own browser without using any credits or data.




We incorporate a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques when automating your business's online workflows.

Session Management

Our project managers work directly with your technical team, and can help you get your project delivered on time and at cost.

File Uploads

We consider support to be as important as our technology or our design process. If you need help, we're here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pricing Tiers



Per Month
  • Browser Credits: 2K
  • Browser Limit: 1
  • Data Allowance: 25 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support



Per Month
  • Browser Credits: 5K
  • Browser Limit: 3
  • Data Allowance: 50 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support



Per Month
  • Browser Credits: 10K
  • Browser Limit: 5
  • Data Allowance: 100 GB
  • 24x7 Email Support
If you run out of credits or go over your data limit and you are subscribed to a plan, the plan will automatically renew.
The end of your monthly billing cycle will always be 30 days after the date of your last renewal. You may unsubscribe from your plan at any time without penalty.


Q.What are browser credits?

A. One browser credit is equal to one minute of usage on one browser.

Q.How do I increase my browser limit?

A. If you need a limit increase just let us know what you're up to using the contact form under settings and we'll increase the limit.

Q.What are browser limits?

A. This is the total number of browsers you can control at one time.

Q.Can I run Browser Bucket on my own private cloud?

A. Yes you can! Just email us at license@browserbot.com to inquire about a commercial license.